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Update Themes or Plugins through the Installer

People are so used to the update notice with 1-click updating for themes and plugins if they get them from .org or a third party site which has that capability (not all do).

But one feature that would be great to have is the ability to utilize the theme/plugin installers to allow updating simply by re-installing a fresh downloaded zip for a theme or plugin. WP doesn't do that but Joomla does and it's so useful and efficient.

Support for plugin dev/update on Github

CassicPress should start to avoid using the WordPress repos, develop its own repos and an alternative plugin and theme developmen platform by actively supporting native Github repos for each, and providing the interface people need to fnd what they want without having to scroll through years of outdated, irrelevant and totally pointless dead plugins and themes.

Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Add feature
Request: Modify feature
Remove Emojis (GDPR friendly)

Removes the extra code bloat used to add support for emoji’s in older browsers


Our roadmap for v2 is to move features into "core plugins" that can be disabled or deleted as needed:

Emoji support is a great candidate for this effort. We need to build a plugin directory first though.

Request: Modify feature
Request: Remove feature
Add API for additional required plugins

If a theme / plugin requires / depends on another plugin, show a note to allow/deny during install.

Maybe include a way to preset options/data for the additional plugin, e.g. if CF7 is required, auto-install it (if "allow" is selected) and provide/install custom premade contact-forms.


Planned for V2.

Request: Add feature
Minimum PHP version should be 7.x


PHP 7.x (exact version TBD depending on usage, community, and our resources) for v2.0.0.

Request: Modify feature