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Remove capital_P_dangit content filter

November 4, 2018 · 05:10 · James Nylen

I don't really have strong feelings about this one but I know that others do.

This petition is for removing the capital_P_dangit function that forces WordPress (now ClassicPress) to always be displayed with a capital P.

Like other removed features, I think we should make this (yes, even this) into a core plugin that people can disable if they want.

Pro capital_P_dangit

Many people unintentionally write Wordpress, but this looks unprofessional. Whether WordPress or ClassicPress, it's important to preserve the project's brand and present it consistently.

Anti capital_P_dangit

  • "Don't mess with my content"
  • Early versions of capital_P_dangit had performance and correctness issues, but as far as I know these have been fixed.

Anything else?

Feel free to discuss below.


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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
Request: Remove feature
Pieter Bos

I'm on the fence with this one as I understand and feel for both pros and cons. As someone who hardly ever writes it wrong, I tend to be in the "don't mess with my content"-camp, so I'm giving this a little vote up.

Code Potent

When it comes to the CP name, especially in these early days, I think it behooves the project to make the correction, simply from an identity standpoint. While I didn't agree with how the function was forced on everyone, I did understand the reasoning for wanting it in place.

Same as Pieter, I tend to get it right, but surely I've made an error here and there. In those cases, I'd like it to be corrected. As a consumer in the WP space, I have always avoided products and services offered by those who get the capitalization wrong because it speaks to a lack of attention to detail, at the very least...and I definitely don't want that to be a perception of my "shop" if I made a simple mistake.

OTOH, there's a certain irony in making the software name look more professional by running it through a function that looks like it was named during a temper tantrum.

So, my vote is to keep it. ...just wish it would be renamed in a professional manner.

James Nylen

Amusingly, renaming the function would break any existing plugins that disable it.

Tim Kaye

Can we keep it but rename it then? I agree with CodePotent that it's important to keep looking professional. Changing its name to something more professional would align with that. And I don't mind breaking that tiny bit of plugin compatibility!

Pedro de Carvalho

i share the same option as Tim Kaye. set old name as deprecated, convert to a new one, without the useless suffix.