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Comments off by default, even on posts

November 16, 2018 · 15:10 · Ian

You can see why this is necessary by doing a search for the default post text + any common spam comment words you like.

Comments are lovely, but unless there is some spam protection by default, they should not be enabled by default.

Duplicate Wade Striebel
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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
Svetoslav Marinov

Allow comments to be enabled on posts but not on pages.

Mike Schinkel

For pages, yes please.


update_option( 'default_ping_status', 'closed' );
update_option( 'default_pingback_flag', 0 );
update_option( 'default_comment_status', 'closed' );
update_option( 'comment_registration', 1 );
update_option( 'comment_moderation', 1 );

Wade Striebel

Marking this as a duplicate as mentioned by Pieter.