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Add local avatar functionality

September 7, 2018 · 15:09 · Dora D.

Add functionality similar/same as existing plugin

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Request: Add feature
Jeff Starr

I vote leave this as a plugin. No need to stuff into core.

David Shanske

I vote this replaces gravatar.


Because there's already avatar functionality built-in, I'd say this was plugin territory...however, I think replacing gravatar with local avatars is a great idea.

Chris Chiotis

I am not clearly for or against it but we must consider that Gravatar is another GDPR "headache". It is one of the third party applications/services where user data is sent. Keeping it local makes everything simpler.


That's a great point, @Chris.

James Walker

Agree with the comments that this is plugin territory.

Sean King

This should replace Gravatar.


Stripping out gravatar would be great, but I don't see any need to replace it because many users have no need for avatars on their sites.

Simone Fioravanti

Should replace Gravatar.