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Merge jQuery Manager for WordPress

November 21, 2018 · 10:55 · Remzi Cavdar

Let users control which version of jQuery and/or jQuery Migrate they want to use (on the front-end). Also, let them turn on/off jQuery and/or jQuery Migrate.

I have made a plugin which does this, and only on the front-end, the backend and the customizer is not affected, see link:

This plugin is an open source project, everybody is welcome to contribute (code).

Remzi Cavdar
Daniele Scasciafratte

So in few words use the most updated version for jQuery in frontend that is something that theme can do without any issues. We can break compatibility if we choose to do that.
I am of the idea that is the theme that define the JS library and what CDN use.
Instead about the update of jquery it is something that we can plan, but I am not sure if put jQuery in the footer is the best option because generate a new print of the html layout and can create problems with accessibility.

Remzi Cavdar

Not exactly, more like: Let users choose which version of jQuery they want to use.

  • Some need an older version for compatibility reasons
  • Others are optimizing for more speed and don't want to include an old version of jQuery and/or jQuery Migrate
  • And others want to completely remove it / turn it off because they don't want use it

It is all about giving people a choice, an option. See my screenshots, I almost forgot to include them: