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ajaxify post edit

December 3, 2018 · 12:29 · maxime

In my opinion the best thing in Gutenberg is the ability to save a post without reloading the page. I think the editor for posts (or pages or CPT) should use a modal, like the attachment editor in the media library, with instant navigation to previous/next post and button for instant close.

James Nylen

Please don't put the post editor into a modal. Editing should be a dedicated screen, and I think having a box to quickly jump to a different post is a good idea, but that should start as a plugin.

Building an enhancement to the editor to save via the REST API without reloading the page also sounds like a good addition, but it should start as a plugin too.

If you'd like to try either one of these ideas, the work can happen in a new repository under

Keep in mind that we are building on top of around 10 years of history of the current editing interface, and fundamental changes are probably going to break a lot of existing plugins.