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rework all settings pages to isolate each setting field as a stack of actions

December 4, 2018 · 19:16 · Greg Schoppe

With the current design of the settings pages in WordPress, plugins have a very hard time customizing the settings interface, as most panels have only a few specific places where custom code can be inserted via action.

To make this much easier to deal with, the built in settings pages should be reimplemented as a stack of render functions attached to individual actions per section.

These sections should also be attached by actions, so that any plugin can replace or augment a setting on a case by case basis, by simply adding new render functions to the same action, or by replacing the existing render function.

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James Nylen

An alternative (more difficult, but I think more valuable) would be to re-implement settings pages to use the custom fields API. This would be a great test of the custom fields API.

Tim Kaye

Either way, the concept involved gets my vote!