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Update Themes or Plugins through the Installer

December 10, 2018 · 01:06 · Andre

People are so used to the update notice with 1-click updating for themes and plugins if they get them from .org or a third party site which has that capability (not all do).

But one feature that would be great to have is the ability to utilize the theme/plugin installers to allow updating simply by re-installing a fresh downloaded zip for a theme or plugin. WP doesn't do that but Joomla does and it's so useful and efficient.

Planned James Nylen
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David Decker

Fully agree with that. This should be in core!
There is currently a WP plugin which adds this feature to WP, maybe this could help in implementing it for ClassicPress Core:


Ah, didn't know that one existed. I know there was another one I think called Easy theme and plugin updates or something like that but it's out dated. Anyway, definitely having the capability is something I know a lot of people would be happy about.

In the years I've been designing themes, and on a couple occasions where I did not have the update notificaton and 1 click updates, people were scared to use FTP, even with a detailed tutorial.

I've used Joomla for over 10 years and this is one feature they have in the core; using the installer to update extensions, even themes. So with the plugin you mentioned, it could possibly be an option, but definitely need it in the core.


Definitely this must be core. It is essential for a business cms to quickly drag-n-drop-n-update a plugin or theme without the use of extra plugins

James Nylen

Great idea!

If someone would like to start working on this as a plugin in an experimental repository under, ping me on Slack and I'll get you set up.

Tim Kaye

Great idea!

Torsten Landsiedel

Just a quick update...considering plugins is one thing (which being done by third party can be a security risk), but I still believe this is something that should be in the core. Hopefully, it makes it in. I've used Joomla for over a decade and this is something they do for both extensions (plugins) and templates (themes).