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Add options for widget visibility into ClassicPress core

December 10, 2018 · 01:10 · Andre

Not sure what your plans are for widgets, but something I've been fighting with WP for many years--something that is common sense--is to have the ability to disable a widget title and to also the option to show/hide widgets on select pages.

You have to install third party plugins to do this and the idea, especially to lessen the security risks, is to have these capabilities in the core. Plus, if you have to use plugins, you never know if they will be maintained, and if not, this creates a problem then. Best to keep these types of options in the core of your cms.

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Difficulty: Moderate
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David Decker

These "visibility options" make total sense yes. This Widget API, and maybe the UI, should be optimized and enhanced.

There are a lot of these widget visibility plugins out there so we have plenty of inspiration and options on what we might include if this may get green light ;-)


I know adding this in the core would be a lot of work. In the past, I've used Widget Logic, but that's too "conditional" based for typical end users who have to go to WP to scroll down the sheer number of conditionals. I've also used Display Widgets, but unfortunately they did some bad things. Then I switched to Widget Options which seems to work very well, although a bit bloated with other things, but it combines the capability of publishing widgets to select pages, posts, tax, etc., but also has a setting to disable widget titles.


The biggest issue I've had with WP over the years is that even the simple common sense basics all seem to require plugins. To give an example, my site Rough Pixels is on WP right now but to do all the things I needed the core to provide, I had to install 29 plugins in total. I also did the site on Joomla...which needed only 6 extenions.

But that is a whole other topic.

James Nylen

Great idea!

> I know adding this in the core would be a lot of work.

Actually, not nearly as much as some other petitions!

If someone wants to work on this, I think it would be a great candidate for an experimental plugin under That way it can start as a plugin and (possibly) be recommended for ClassicPress users to install, and eventually included into the core software.

I've updated the title from "Widget Functionality" to "Add options for widget visibility into ClassicPress core" to better fit what I think is the intent of this petition. If you have a better suggestion, let me know.