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Get rid of the "Cheatin' Huh?

December 11, 2018 · 07:36 · Ashley Goodman

For example you've left the browser window open on the WordPress dashboard and your session has expired and you click on a menu item you get redirected to page that says:

Cheatin’ uh?
Sorry, you are not allowed to list users.

This is not professional, nor useful.

It should instead give you a message that says something like:

"You need to login as an administrator to view this page."

With a login form below

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Request: Modify feature
Laurence Bahiirwa

Do you have any other statements that are unprofessional? I could write a code request on development and see if this is agreeable?

James Nylen

Agreed, let's remove all instances of "Cheatin', uh?" for v1. A good next step from here would be an issue or PR on GitHub.

In this specific case, the error message should just say "Sorry, you are not allowed to list users." If a shorter text is needed as a title/heading it could be simply "Error" or "An error occurred".

Tim Kaye

Good idea!

W.V. Pelyn T. Palarao

"Unauthorized Access" is fine too.

Laurence Bahiirwa

This is what I was adding to PR "You don't have the right access permissions."

Pieter Bos

I would like to suggest to as much as possible stay away from "personal" sentences starting with "You...". Better in my opinion to make them more neutral such as above suggestions: "An error occurred" or "Unauthorized Access"

Ashley Goodman

Makes sense. What about providing a login form on that page? Is that a security risk? Everytime I've hit that screen it was after my login expired and I needed to login again


I think that is a great idea from Ashley. If security permits it. Maybe we should make a second petition for adding the login form to those pages so people can give their 2 cents on it without filling up the core discussion?

Simon Prosser

Trac ticket for ref:
Its only 9 months old though, which is nothing for trac.

James Nylen

Yes, adding a login form here should go in a separate petition.

Laurence Bahiirwa

I was looking into core files and this seems to have been changed to "Something went wrong" in the scripts-loader.php file

Oxlahun Caban


James Nylen

This is not a major change, and therefore doesn't really need to go through the full petition process. It's also a good fit for our target market of business and professional users (or people who otherwise want to make a professional-quality website).

If you are a developer who can help us implement this change, head over to and submit a pull request.


Laurence Bahiirwa

James, is there any progress of this?

James Nylen

No progress yet Laurence.