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Add duplicate post into core

December 13, 2018 · 07:05 · Scott Bowler

A plugin I install on every ClassicPress/WordPress site is (and it looks like 2 million other people also like this feature!).

Basically, it allows you to copy / duplicate a post of any type.

It would be great if we could add this basic functionality into ClassicPress

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Artem Frolov

Looking into the root, this would include the cp_duplicate_post() function, which is a version of wp_update_post() or wp_insert_post(). So you can use $postarr parameter for changing some stuff in duplicated post.

Mark Ciotola

We created a plugin for this capability on our site and it is very useful and popular.


I never not install this

Paolo Falomo

Yep. Duplicate feature should be in core for a fluid data-entry process.

James Nylen

Great idea, including Artem's implementation that would allow plugin developers to make changes!

This can start as a plugin under, and there is no need for the petition to reach our 50-vote threshold before doing this. If you're interested in working on this, let me know on Slack and I'll create the repository for you.

James Nylen
Daniel Hendricks

Oh God yes. There are a few "must have" plugins that I install on each instance (such as Duplicate [Post], Enable Media Replace, Regenerate Thumbnails...), but duplicate/clone post feels like a natural feature that should be included in core.

@James Nylen - I'm a bit new here. What is the intent of the GitHub repo?

Fabian Wolf

@Daniel Hendricks: The intent is essentially for testing out features based on petitions, that eventually may make it into core or as separate core plugins. Similar to the "featured plugins" in WP, but with the community-based will behind them.

cu, w0lf.


I disagree, this should not be added to ClassicPress Core for a very long time, and possibly never...

Once again this is adding code bloat and potential security issues (like XSS attacks) and a maze of additional maintenance work and testing.

Every pet feature that folks here want to add is creating more problems with WordPress compatibility, etc that a small team will find difficult if not impossible to keep updated and patched properly.

There are much bigger and easier gains in "removing" several features from WordPress Core than adding pet features. Hobby features like duplicate post buttons should be at the bottom of the priority list IMO.


This plugin has nothing to do in core and here is why: If it is used together with WPML and a user wants to copy a post, the attached translation is also copied. And this creates a mess on sites where you have a big team of people working in the site not knowing about this. I would also vote for a clean core without any plugins included. Let them be plugins and focus on core functionality, security, REST Api.

Laurence Bahiirwa

John has a prototype of this as a working plugin here - Can we reach out to him to see if this can be adopted into the classicpress-research plugins?