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Add TinyMCE, Revisions, and Featured Image in Quick Edit

December 21, 2018 · 11:49 · Damian Baker

We have added the TinyMCE editor in Quick Edit plus a few nifty features for quickly creating multiple Posts and Pages. We are currently working on adding Post/Page Revisions and Featured Images in Quick Edit too. I believe in time, this can continually be extended.

I believe this development would be a great edition to add to ClassicPress core and I would be happy for you to freely use this code.

You can check out the developments at our website here:


Keep up the great work there.

Damian Baker

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Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Add feature
Pieter Bos

Hi Damian, I think this might be useful for some, but in my opinion this should remain plugin territory.

Fabian Wolf

Its plugin territory, but could be a great addition for our future plugin directory :)
I'd suggest adding a "officially supporting ClassicPress" line in the readme (as soon as you've successfully tested it with CP, of corpse).

cu, w0lf.

Damian Baker

Hi Pieter,

Thanks heaps for your feedback and opinion. I do agree somewhat with what you have said and you are right that it seems appropriate for it being a plugin.
What I do strongly feel is that to start gaining traction, we need features that differentiate between WordPress and ClassicPress. I get that many features, functionality, etc, will be almost identical to ensure backward compatibility, but since a contrasting difference is in fact the TinyMCE editor, why not enhance features relating to this editor in core.

In fact, I think we need to really collate and celebrate all feature ideas that contrast these differences in core (not plugins) as these will help make ClassicPress stand on its own two feet instead of just feeling like it's WordPress minus Gutenberg.


James Nylen

I think this would be interesting to explore as a plugin. It looks like this is done well and it could be really handy for quick edits.

My concern is that the quick editor should always remain quick. Making it more useful seems like a good idea, but such changes often have a way of leading to bloat later on.

We're currently looking for candidates for example plugins at This serves a couple of purposes at once: allowing people to try out implementations of petitions and also being the "seed" for our upcoming plugin directory.

So, if you're interested in putting this under a repository there, let me know on Slack.

Damian Baker

Hi James,

How are you? Thanks for replying.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I am currently on vacation, however I am periodically checking emails and messages.

I would be happy and honoured to add our Guten-free plugin to help ClassicPress. I may in fact rename it to something more suitable like Quick Edit Plus or something like that. In fact, I have just updated the plugin to now include Revisions and Featured Image right in the Quick Edit panel.

To sum up, I am interested so keep me posted on the upcoming plugin directory.


Kind Regards,
Damian Baker

James Nylen

Hi Damian, our plugin directory will be based on GitHub, so a good next step is to get the code published there. is a semi-official place for this, and of course we'll also support people publishing plugins under their own user accounts.

For this particular plugin I would definitely recommend renaming it, because ClassicPress is already Gutenberg-free.

James Nylen

And I'm doing pretty well, it's 3:30am here though so I should probably wrap up and call it a night soon.