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Permalink settings

December 22, 2018 · 21:42 · Dominiq

From my point of experience permalinks proper setting should be set to:


and that should be at least at common settings or better as default. I can say - all of actual common settings in permalink settings are unusful dinosaurs.


Agreed.....for whatever it's worth.

James Nylen

@Voltaire: if this is a suggestion you'd like to see implemented, please vote for the petition by clicking the number and the up arrow above.

I'm on the fence about this. It could certainly be added as an option, but so could many other possibilities.

I would probably never pick this particular permalink structure myself. Many simple sites do not even make use of categories, and no categories exist by default, so this shouldn't be the default setting.

Tim Kaye

For the reasons @James Nylen has given, I can't see how this could be the default. It's also not what I typically use, so I'm not really sure what this adds.


While we do often use this permalink set up, I do not see why this should be the default. It is easy to reconfigure if necessary and the current default serves fine in most cases.


I could get behind some enhancements to the built-in permalink options (like adding a base for a specific post-type), but not changing the default.


Guys, that setting is only for blog structure (as WordPress started as blog platform).

If You use blog at platform got to deal with its permalink setting.

Typically modern solution is what I proposed :


and it works well with plenty categories and show permalinks like

Default options for now are not fit to make permalinks "pretty" for blog with multicategories. That little code fixes it.

I would test if it works also well with subcategories but i think it does.

As I said. If You not make blog, don't need to care about this setting at all.

Typically You just make structure adding parent to every page.