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Set login page logo to be Site Logo

February 10, 2019 · 22:14 · Wade Striebel

As discussed here.

Grab the Site Logo and set that as the logo on the login screen.

That would be lightweight enough (no extra functionality), while also being beneficial for businesses (regardless of whether they have developers or not).

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Alan Coggins

I like this idea. Very simple and would be a really useful feature.


pieter, on the forums, suggested that the image be hyperlinked to the homepage, which would be a good enhancement of this.

Wade Striebel

I think that would be good as well!

Code Potent

Note that, in the current implementation, this is more than changing the image URL; the logo is a background image in an anchor tag, so it must be appropriately sized via CSS for the given logo image, or it produces unexpected results.


Yes please! Never understood why this was not a core feature long ago.

James Nylen

This is a good idea, but it should probably be a checkbox somewhere in settings that is turned off by default.

James Burnett

Great idea!

Paul Scollon

Agree. This would be a nice feature.

James Nylen

@James Burnett, @Paul Scollon and possibly others: leaving a comment here does not add a vote to the petition! Please click the number with the up arrow next to the petition title.

Paul Scollon

Thanks for that @James Nylen. Upvoted.

Oxlahun Caban

Yes, please!

James Walker

Yes please! Set site logo as login screen logo; hyperlinked to site homepage; turned off by default. I also would go for the option to remove the "Lost your password?" and "Back to <website>" links at the bottom. (I have a little plugin i made for all those, plus customising login page css.)

James Nylen

This is not a major change, and it's already clear that it would solve a common use case.

If you are a developer who can help us implement this change, head over to and submit a pull request.


Sean King

I agree this is a great idea! If we do that, could we also possibly add CSS and background customization for the login screen as well?

James Nylen

Hi Sean, something we've learned along the way as we've been using this petitions site is that it's important to keep petitions small and well-scoped and try not to change them too much from the poster's original intent.

So, suggestions that are separate from the original petition should go in a separate petition. However, customizing the login screen CSS and background is already possible in ClassicPress today with no extra changes: just go to Appearance > Customize and use the "Additional CSS" section. Here is an example CSS snippet to get you started:

Ray Gulick

Under the 'site logo automatically appears on login page' scenario, what happens with sites that don't have a logo, but are using text as site identifier? Does the CP logo then get displayed as it currently does?

James Nylen

Good point Ray - yes, the ClassicPress logo should be displayed in this case, and it would also be good to add a warning next to the option (or disable it and explain why it's disabled).


Love it - so simple :-)

Laurence Bahiirwa

Have submitted a PR for this. Let's see how that goes. Check it out

James Nylen

Excellent starting point!

Let's plan to finish that PR and get this change into the next release of ClassicPress, due sometime in June or July.


> This is a good idea, but it should probably be a checkbox somewhere in settings that is turned off by default.

This. Anything that requires database queries and potentially will 404 resources (the vast majority of new sites would not configure this immediately) should be off by default to avoid issues. And minimal CSS involved :)

James Nylen

Update: this was merged in, released in version 1.1.0-rc1, and will be reverted (will not ship in 1.1.0 final). See discussion starting here:

We can't use the site's Custom Logo for this because not all themes support it. So we plan to add a new image setting for this purpose instead, for a future 1.x version. The current code will remain available and development can proceed on this branch:

James Nylen

This petition has been completed with the release of version 1.2.0. See: