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Add UUIDs/GUIDs as candidate keys for all tables

March 15, 2019 · 05:50 · Mike Schinkel

In working with some more complex WordPress sites that need to interact with other systems and synchronize data it's becoming clear that the lack of a properly maintained UUID/GUID makes that really, really hard. See:

I am talking a candidate key here, not UUIDs/GUIDs as primary keys.

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James Nylen

Yes, I can definitely see how this would be helpful. Another use case would be any kind of import/export process that needs to keep content in sync on an ongoing basis, for example for news networks with multiple location-based sites so that they can publish articles globally and/or locally.

Adding a new column is moderately easy (ensuring existing installs upgrade reasonably is the big difficulty there).

Using the UUID/GUID as the real primary key would be a lot more work, and probably a topic for another petition, but this could also be interesting. For example it would solve some of the problems with proposals to split post types out into their own tables:

James Nylen