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Move "open in a new tab" checkbox to the first popup

April 20, 2019 · 02:20 · Alan Coggins

In older versions of WP the checkbox for setting links to "open in a new tab" used to be included in the primary pop-up. It is now about three levels down in the process.

This petition is to have it moved back to the previous position, so it can be easily found and selected without all the additional mouse clicks.

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Code Potent

I was beginning to think nobody wanted their name attached to this. Just stopping by to express a no-vote and connect the dots. :)

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Sam Wolf

Yes Please. While it might not be the "proper" this to do, there are times its appropriate. And it's funny that the link above open to a new page.

Alan Coggins

If you are voting for this please don't forget to click the "up vote" link. Just making a comment doesn't add a vote. You should see your avatar added under voters on the right.


I would support bringing this small feature back. We have many hosting clients who don't know where it went, so they go and install some janky plugin that promises to convert all external hyperlinks to open in new windows.

The security concerns are minimal anyways, and I think in WordPress 5+ they automatically add the noopener noreferrer tags to links anyway...