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Remove posts, keep only pages

June 18, 2019 · 07:32 · ced1870

The main question that everyone is asking when starting is : what the difference between posts and pages ?
in a professional website the posts are useless
The main features like the category, date, comments, must move to the pages

Just keep the pages with all the features

James Nylen

Pages can have categories and comments too.

In terms of the navigation and structure of a site, posts are organized by date, and pages are not. There's no good way to combine these features, and posts are not useless for business/professional websites. The default setup is pretty much perfect because it allows you to maintain a set of static pages, and (if you want) publish regularly as a blog.

This is a pretty fundamental part of WordPress/ClassicPress, as a user you won't get far without learning this.

Ray Gulick

This petition doesn't make sense to me. Posts and pages are fundamental content post types, and removing posts will create more issues than it solves. It's pretty easy to hide posts if they're not needed for a particular site.


Posts are essential for a corporate website because Google values new and regularly posted content. Posts are the ideal vehicle for this as they are date-based.

Tim Kaye

This petition baffles me. All but one site I manage is a business site, and they all use posts.

James Walker

Keep posts and pages. The names are confusing, yes -- maybe could be changed? But the concept works. Some of my sites are almost all 'posts', some are almost all 'pages', some are more evenly mixed. plus custom 'post' types.

Code Potent

I know this petition only speaks to "posts", but, if posts were removed, what would become of custom post types? Custom post types are fundamental to business websites. For anyone not sure about when to use either/or, here's a 3-minute read to clear it up.


Posts are not useless to business. They are the best way to publish press releases, for example. A fundamental attribute of a business site.

Tim Kaye

@James Walker: it's already possible to change the name of posts. The following code, for example, would change posts to events:

function kts_rename_post_object() {
    $post = get_post_type_object( 'post' );
    $labels = $post->labels;
    $labels->name = 'Events';
    $labels->singular_name = 'Event';
    $labels->add_new = 'Add Event';
    $labels->add_new_item = 'Add Event';
    $labels->edit_item = 'Edit Event';
    $labels->new_item = 'Event';
    $labels->view_item = 'View Event';
    $labels->search_items = 'Search Events';
    $labels->not_found = 'No Events found';
    $labels->not_found_in_trash = 'No Events found in Trash';
    $labels->all_items = 'All Events';
    $labels->menu_name = 'Events';
    $labels->name_admin_bar = 'Event';
add_action( 'init', 'kts_rename_post_object' );