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E-mail default "from" and "name"

July 1, 2019 · 15:15 · ALS

Please add options during initial setup (and / or on the settings screen) to provide the value for the "from" and "name" fields for WP mail.

Please make the default [email protected]

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Laurence Bahiirwa


Tim Kaye

This is a good idea: simple, clear and useful to everyone. Perfect for core!

James Nylen

See also:

We want to be careful with this, as changing the full email address will probably break email deliverability in a lot of cases.

We could allow changing the left-hand portion of the email address, or set the default to [email protected] for new sites (even easier).

It might also make sense to default the "name" field to the site title.


As per @James comments, I don't think this setting should be editable because most users don't know email best practices, etc.

Specifically, emails must be sent from to deliver properly according to many email security rules and apps. Plus, allowing users to edit even the username portion is still risky, because they will choose all kinds of weird things like existing email addresses (might conflict) or non-existent email address (might be flagged as spam), etc. So something that can be universally recognized is best.

[email protected] is most common for these cases, I'd suggest hard-coding this into ClassicPress Core. After the webmaster sets up their preferred email API like SendGrid, Mailgun, etc (or even SMTP server) it won't matter anyway because it will override the default sender... so I think [email protected] makes sense.

As far as the sender name, defaulting to the site name seems already the case in WordPress and also seems to make sense... again I don't think this should be editable by default for the same reasons as above.