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Add email logging feature

September 16, 2019 · 17:23 · James Nylen

Email can be complicated, with lots of potential issues related to configuration, deliverability, etc.

To help with auditing emails that a site sends, including debugging and fixing any issues, we need a good email logging system. I think this is valuable enough for our target market to be included with ClassicPress, probably as a core plugin.

I'm imagining basically a custom post type with a lightly customized archive page, like a few meta fields about the email and whether it was sent successfully or not. This could also include an option to resend previous emails and an option to disable email sending entirely for local development, except for logging the emails that would have been sent. already does a lot of this.

Semi-related discussion and links to other related petitions here:

In particular would be a fairly natural tie-in here. It would be great if the SMTP settings used to send each email would also be saved as part of the archive metadata.

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Alan Coggins

Great suggestion. I am already using the plugin you referenced on all sites with a contact form or shop. Would be keen to see this option included with CP as a core plugin.

David Decker

Great idea, yes!

There are 2 other awesome plugins which I link here for reference and inspiration:

Alan Coggins

The plugin mentioned in the initial petition has changed hands (now maintained by MailPoet) and is showing as WordPress Version: 5.0 or higher.


Definitely plugin territory.