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Add a way to recover from maintenance mode

December 14, 2019 · 09:46 · zigpress

I recently discovered that when maintenance mode has been activated, there is no way to deactivate it, even by an authenticated administrator.
This is because the maintenance mode check is initiated in wp-settings.php, which is loaded directly by wp-config.php (so it applies to ALL requests, including admin, ajax and cron).
It would be useful to have a way for administrators to cancel maintenance mode without having to SFTP in to the site and remove the .maintenance file.
This would save a lot of time for those of use who manage many sites, especially from a central control panel like MainWP. If a MainWP plugin update times out for some reason, we have no option but to remove the .maintenance file before MainWP can reconnect to the site.

Niall Flynn

It adds a .mainteance file, similar to a .htaccess. You login to your FTP and remove it. This is an error state, i.e. in WP or CP you broke something not sure how the CMS can fix this?


What if (for example) an automatic plugin update got stuck and maintenance mode was left enabled, and I'm away from the office with only my phone? Would be good to be able to disable maintenance mode by simply calling a URL with a secret codeword in it using a browser, rather than trying to mess with SFTP on a phone...

Niall Flynn

A CRON could run to validate a real maintenance mode. Im not sure of the exact use case you have. I hear what you are saying re this, but the maintenance file is one you can spot and remove pretty quickly. I guess there are FTP apps for phones too.

Niall Flynn

Also here opening a ticket to your host, especially if they are WP or CP specific would be fixed in a few mins.