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Add the ability to disable user accounts in admin

11 months ago · 1stepforward

I often have situations where I need to prevent access to a specific user account, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

More often than not, this is for security reasons.

For accounts that need to be permanently disabled, it would be easy to say "just delete them" but there's often a lot of content associated with that account that would need transferring to other accounts. This may not be appropriate for many reasons.

My way around this at present is to change the password but a much more effective method IMHO would be to have a simple enabled/disabled checkbox.

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Can't you just change the user role to the option "No user role for this site"?

Viktor Nagornyy

User can still technically log in without a role, they will simply see an error message that they don't have sufficient permissions to access pages. A proper option to disable user would show an error message similar to "wrong user/pass" error message and not create a session. Something like "Your account has been disabled."


My free ClassicPress plugin "ZP Disable Users" takes care of this.


I can share the code to my ban user plugin if it helps. It gives the option from the edit user screen to disable the account.