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Remove the Akismet Plugin

September 7, 2018 · 14:41 · Scott Bowler

There are more robust solutions out there for protection against spam, and as this is an Automattic product it makes sense to remove it from a fork perspective.

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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Remove feature

What are the more robust solutions? But no reason why it has to be forced on install. I really like the idea of ClassicPress as a clean install without ANY plugins.

Daniele Scasciafratte

I think that we can remove from the default plugin and let to the users to choice.

Neal Umphred


James Nylen

This seems pretty straightforward to me. If anyone wants to submit a pull request for this one, please do it :)

Neal Umphred

Just received an email notification from Wade Streibel that removing Akismet—which I use, by the way—is "Planned for v1.0.0."



On a meta level: I've always thought of this plugin as spam.

James Nylen

The link under "Completed" here is not pointing to the right place. We actually didn't need to do anything to resolve this - adding Akismet to WordPress releases is done on the WordPress build servers, and we will not have this step.