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Improvement Suggestions

9 months ago · Starbear

Hello, I am a Chinese user, I am from shenzhen, China.
I am willing to work for the promotion of ClassicPress in China.You can communicate further if you like.
I hope to add more features and improvements (some of which are still not responding to my countless requests to wordpress).

  1. Hope to increase the support of Chinese, more perfect support.It is well known that many of Google's resources are inaccessible in China.Want to optimize access speed, such as excluding Google fonts,
  2. In addition, I feel the need to add a core function.CDN replacement, for example, on the site I use a lot of a lot of inbound js, CSS hopes to add a plug-in, such as scanning on the website of the js. CSS resource, then we can replace the CDN resource specific links manually, such as on the site I use (original js: https://xxxxxxx.js), but I think (CDN resources: https://xxxxxxx.js) to access speed faster, hopes to increase the manual to replace the function of these resources.
  3. Hope to get rid of the gravatar avatars as soon as possible. I don't know why wordprees still has the annoying avatars.You must also install plug-ins to change the avatar.Want to replace directly with the user's own upload
Simply Computing

Thanks for the input! You might want to break these up into individual petitions, or add your +1 if they already exist. But we would love to get some help with Chinese support for ClassicPress. I suggest you head over to the forums at - make an account and start a discussion there.