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database search replace (post content only)

4 months ago · classyMan

i'm aware of Access database in dashboard but i think this is a little different in that it could be useful to a wider audience with far less risk

the idea here is to be able to search-replace post/page content in the db

perhaps one has a habit of misspelling stuff (a lot vs. alot vs. allot) and wants to do replacements site-wide

an advanced option could enable RegEx support

James Nylen

I think this is an advanced option for advanced users, it would be very easy to break the site using this function.

An excellent solution for this already exists:


hi James - the solution you linked to is for advanced users that could easily break a site (and requires the CLI plugin) - what i've proposed here is a dummy resistant search/replace function for 'normies' - it would work only with post content, so i'm not sure how one would break a site

maybe this isn't something the majority would want, but i wanted to make it clear that there's a big difference between our proposals

James Nylen

> it would work only with post content

OK, yes, that is a very different proposal and I agree that is pretty unlikely to break things. Sorry I missed that distinction the first time around.

Code Potent

I like the idea of a search/replace for posts/pages (mostly for when moving sites to a new URL,) but, could see some issues with a feature like this. Using the example in the OP, if you replace the string allot, even just in posts/pages, you might be screwing up a sentence (or even a class name) that contains the word ballot or allotment in it. Just an example.