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form builder

4 months ago · classyMan

a basic form builder, such as for contact forms, with challenge-response (no reliance on 3rd party APIs)


There are so many different use case for forms that any core implementation could only cover a tiny fraction of them. Better to keep core slim and use one of the huge range of forms plugins available.


i don't disagree regarding the applications, but i think the need for a contact form is pretty universal

Simply Computing

I've had the same thought myself but as zigpress says, contact forms are hugely varied in their requirements. How many fields? What validation? What anti-spam tests? I think this is probably plugin territory (or write your own basic form).


I have to agree with Simply Computing. This should be better to be a CP plugin.

A basic contact form? Yes. Tons of options? No.
That's my opinion on it.

Name, Email, URL, Phone and Message.
You can convert something simple like

James Nylen

I think many of these needs will be filled by plugins basically as soon as our directory becomes available. Right now it is a bit difficult to evaluate which of the many options to choose, but as soon as ClassicPress users have a way to indicate their preference, a set of default plugins for common tasks will emerge.

David Waumsley

I would prefer this as a plugin option. I have sites with no contact forms or SaaS alternatives.


FluentForms has confirmed long term support for Classicpress. That works for anything from a simple contact form to multi-page forms with uploads and posting to remote CRMs.


Definitely plugin territory imho. Not every site needs a contact form.