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drag-n-drop page ordering

4 months ago · classyMan

simple drag-and-drop page ordering @ /wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page

example: Simple Page Ordering

i have only 4-leter words to describe the arcane (ok, 6 letters) current 'order by number' method that WP invented - why???


What is this?


see the link

James Nylen

The Simple Page Ordering plugin looks like a good, high-quality solution for this issue.


I'm all for a lightweight core, but in this case the functionality is so fundamental that I think it would be a good idea to merge the excellent Simple Page Ordering plugin into core.

Code Potent

I did a performance boost job once where the Simple Page Ordering plugin caused the dashboard to slow to a crawl. Deactivating made the dashboard speedy again. That was some time ago; not sure if it's still an issue or if it was even some combination of plugins on the particular site. Just something to consider.

In all fairness, I fail to understand why this is a problem.
Is this about drag-n-drop so that you get the pages you edit the most on top of the screen on the first page or what?

A simple search does the trick and from there, edit. Or is this about something else as I assume it has nothing to do with the menu (frontend) item order?


not at all - the order of the pages determines the order of the links in your navigation menu and this is why the current way is really anti-intuitive

let's say you have 100 pages and you order them 0 to 99 - now you write a new page and you want it to show up as the 1st page in your navigation menu - with the current ordering method, you'd have to increase the numbers, one at a time, for pages 0-99 before you could insert the new page in the first position

with drag and drop page ordering, this is trivial

now one could do as i used to, which is number pages like 10, 20, etc., to leave room to insert new pages, but you still run into the same problem; a) once the unused slots are filled, you have the same problem and b) unless you happen to remember the number of the existing page at the point you want to add a new one, you have to check its number

for those that have few pages or, for whatever reason, don't want to use drag and drop ordering, nothing changes, but it makes life a lot easier for those that have a lot of pages


... ps: as for the 0-99 example, that's the way pages will be ordered if you don't order them manually, so again the crag and drop method becomes an asset