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like button

4 months ago · NyssaTheHobbit

Put a Jetpack-style like button for both posts and comments.


What purpose does it serve?
I would rather see a "mark as solution" instead.

Giving the thumbs up seem pointless to me.


So we bloggers can disable Jetpack and let our commenters "like" everything as they're used to.

James Nylen

The like button is a nice feature because it connects different blogs together - as long as you have a account you can use the same identity on any or Jetpack blog. In order for this to work, we would basically have to introduce our own Jetpack alternative that uses "official" accounts synchronized across multiple sites.

Given that Jetpack and integration is the source of most of the conflicts of interest in the WP ecosystem I am wary of offering this as an official solution.

Perhaps some enterprising plugin developer would like to build this instead?

NyssaTheHobbit okay. Disabling JetPack is something I understand as it's ore or less pure bloat.

That said; there are several plugins that provides the "like" or "thumbs up" and similar services for liking / voting and connecting.


Does it need to be cross-site?

James Nylen

> Does it need to be cross-site?
I think so, in order to avoid the need for users to create an account on every ClassicPress site, and also the need for administrators to enable user account registration.