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Multilingual support by default

2 months ago · stefanos82

Having a multilingual website is a must for my customers.

Plugins like WPML are damaging my customers' performance, let alone their security.

Did you know that WPML is a stand-alone CMS? I have found out about it last week(!), therefore any plugin that is an overkill on my website's performance has no place inside my platform.

Viktor Nagornyy

Not everyone needs it. But I do agree a better muti-language support would be good. This would be a good candidate for a core plugin.


fully agreed with this request , i am actually using qTranslate-XT and is working perfectly with CP - anyway i think that would be great if we will have multilingual option in CM core as optional so, who need could activate it


"Did you know that WPML is a stand-alone CMS?"
Er... what?



qTranslate-XT is good (since qTranslate-X was great). But it's not yet in official WordPress plugins directory.

While WPGlobus is already there and stable and maintained. Both WPGlobus and qTranslate-XT are great. But WPGlobus seems more stable and tested.