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Show Post/Page ID

2 months ago · Linas

Bring back Post/Page/Media ID in Posts/Pages/Media list pages.

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James Nylen

What purpose does this serve?


Surely you can just hover over the edit link of a post on the posts list page and the ID is shown in the link that the browser shows at the bottom of the screen?


User-friendly way to obtain Post ID. Searching in a URL is a workaround, and definitely not the most convenient way.

Matt Robinson

This is reasonably easy to accomplish with a plugin:

Viktor Nagornyy

It's definitely beneficial for non-technical users. Countless times I had to explain to users how to find post ID, and they always say why can't they just show it.


Responding to James: searching in a URL only works if you start with a specific post or page (though see below) and want to know the ID. But what if you start with an ID and want to know which post or page that is? That's one use case for me. The other is when I want to check how posts are being ordered when I am using some code to reorder them.

Responding to Matt: that's good, but it only covers posts and pages. There's also taxonomies, users, comments, etc. The quick way to get all that functionality is currently to use the Reveal IDs plugin.


For some reason after almost 15 yrs of futzing around looking for IDs, I have have been struggling again recently, every where I hover I get the permalink!


Yesterday I installed Matt Robinson's free plugin and it adds the Post ID to the individual page lists. Very handy! Thank you Matt!