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Remove Privacy Policy auto-injection

September 7, 2018 · 15:46 · Pieter Bos

options, not decisions

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Jeff Starr

Not sure what "auto-injection" refers to, but if this idea is to remove all the privacy/GDPR stuff, then I vote YES please. Let it be a plugin. So users can decide for themselves whether or not they want to use it.

Daniele Scasciafratte

Explain better what do you mean :-)

Pieter Bos

The auto-injection indeed refers to the fact that before 4.9.6 I believe there was nothing and after that there was a whole lot of unrequested "privacy/GDPR stuff" added to Core. Let people decide for themselves how they want to deal with GDPR and privacy, there is no "one-size-fits-all" for this.

Simone Fioravanti

At the begin I was very happy for such stuff, but now we have to consider that every nation is "implementing" GDPR their own way so things that comply with GDPR in FR may be not compliant for IT.


Perhaps this petition should be renamed something like "Remove all policy automation, GDPR tools, etc"

And yes, I do support this because its an example of geopolitical bias. Why is WordPress catering specifically to Europe, instead of the world? It's only because some Core contributors thought regardless of the GDPR, having a policy is probably a good idea.. and they're right. But it shouldn't be in Core. Let's stop ignoring the millions of non-Western users...

Adding default content to the CMS should never happen, in my opinion. No example posts, no example comments, and no example policies. Perhaps it makes sense for WooCommerce to have a setting "require policy agreement?" or whatever since its shopping based, but the Core CMS should not.

As an aside, the new GDPR tools in WordPress Core have the scary potential of deleting a massive amount of data by accident. Anything than can cause permanent data loss should not be in Core...

James Nylen

Adding features to support one group of users is not the same as excluding other groups of users. Also, my understanding of GDPR is that it applies to anyone who happens to be in the EU regardless of their nationality, so the geopolitical bias argument does not really hold up here.

Logically I think this is a good feature to move out into a plugin that can be disabled or deleted if desired, but in terms of number of votes it's not near the top of the list currently.

David Waumsley

A yes vote from me too. With EU clients we had to sort this long before this feature was out. Providing a generic template like this seems the very opposite to what GDPR was about. Legally I should imagine it is worthless.