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Add API for additional required plugins

September 7, 2018 · 15:49 · Dora D.

If a theme / plugin requires / depends on another plugin, show a note to allow/deny during install.

Maybe include a way to preset options/data for the additional plugin, e.g. if CF7 is required, auto-install it (if "allow" is selected) and provide/install custom premade contact-forms.

Planned Wade Striebel

Planned for V2.

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Request: Add feature
James Nylen

We'll need to implement this before we can remove basically any feature that plugins may depend on. For example:

It's also a widely-requested feature from WP plugin developers who want to package utility code into a framework plugin.

Fabian Wolf

Essentially: Bake TGMPA into core.

James Nylen

Or, another option that Pieter pointed out in Slack:

Or we could come up with a way to use composer for this.

James Nylen

An approach using WP-style plugin metadata is in progress at