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Remove the auto-complete of the search string on the plugins page

September 7, 2018 · 16:22 · Lee Rickler

Annoyingly when searching for a plugin the results filter as you type - normally this is a plus BUT the repo cannot find anything that's not 100% named forcing you to type the whole name, but, what if you don't know the name.

Get rid of this function for now and build something better asap.

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Request: Remove feature
Daniele Scasciafratte

Anyway I saw that search for terms and use a ranking system based on votes/comments so is not using only the word.
This depend on the plugin, do you have any example?


I agree that the autocomplete is annoying, but, then again, the internal search is near useless anyway unless you type in a developer's .org handle. All the bigger plugins have "optimized" their readmes to get picked up for virtually every phrase and keyword of any importance.

David Decker

@Lee Rickler
It seems you are referring to "auto-complete" of the search string, right? Could you update the title of your petition please?

It's not about auto-updating the plugins via the installer, right?

I fully agree with the request, though, the auto-complete search string is really bad as a user experience. The whole plugin search is bad as it doesn't found a lot of plugins that are there.

Pieter Bos

Edited the title per @David Decker's suggestion.