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Replace "Howdy" in the Adminbar

September 7, 2018 · 17:37 · Pieter Bos

Either change it to something more neutral
make it an option that admins can decide on
remove it altogether

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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
James Nylen

Can you explain a bit more about the problem with "Howdy"?

I'm fine with replacing this with "Hello".

Dora D.

@Pieter Bos: Depends on translations, in german it is a very neutral 'Willkommen' == 'Welcome'

Pieter Bos

@James - (top result the Google) "Howdy": an informal friendly greeting, particularly associated with the western US states. Indeed "Hello" would be much more politically correct and most language packs (except German it seems) actually use their translations of "Hello".

@Dora D. - I think it is the other way around actually, "Wilkommen" is the very free translation of "Howdy", so it would actually be quite easy (easier) to replace "Howdy" with "Hello" as @James above suggests than to adjust translations.


Yes I hate this. Please remove Howdy.


I always remove this altogether, but I would also be fine with changing it to "Hello" (though it does make me think of Terry-Thomas: and Leslie Phillips:

David Edgar

It's completely unnecessary and just clutter. Removing it wouldn't hurt and would give more room for other plugin information in the admin bar.

Neal Umphred


James Nylen

Ok, this seems pretty straightforward to me. If anyone wants to submit a pull request for this one, please do it :)

Pieter Bos

Howdy has been removed from the admin bar in - thank you for the great start Luiz (@luizbills) - and has been changed to Hello in other instances (for example emails) in

This feature request can be archived or perhaps it is possible to make a separate list of features that have successfully been implemented?

James Nylen

You probably saw this already, Pieter, but for anyone else reading: this feature request has been marked as Completed and it now appears in the list at .