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Change basic settings of comment options

September 7, 2018 · 21:29 · Rudy Brinkman

First thing I always do when installing a fresh Wordpress is switching off the discussion options. It should defailt to "off" (non active) if you ask me. Because novice users don't do this, resulting in loads of spam to their sites as well as heavy traffic. If people want to use it, they are well capable of switching them on later on.

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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
Pieter Bos

I agree, better to protect novices than to leave them vulnerable to the floodgates of spam. Especially also since ClassicPress will not ship with the Akismet plugin.

Dustin Snider

This is worth more discussion/votes.

Fabian Wolf

Its one of the 5 things I do first after installing WP, so its definitely something to consider.

David Shanske

Hate to be a dissenter, but why not improve the comment experience rather than abandon it?

Wade Striebel