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Remove 'wp-' from files and directories

September 8, 2018 · 12:23 · Yannick

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Difficulty: Hard
Daniele Scasciafratte

This can break compatibility with a lot of plugins/themes that have hardcoded path so for me actually until the project grow a lot is too soon.


I agree with Daniele.


great plugins don't ;) but i m agree with you :)


Also agree with Daniel. Too soon.


Oops... sorry for the name typo, Daniele.


Agree, too early (if at all) to remove 'wp-'.

James Nylen

This is a huge breaking change without much benefit. For example, it is not possible to move wp-admin to a different path, because it is hardcoded in many places in the WordPress code. Plugins then come to depend on this for URLs, assets, path checks, etc.


Just asking... Why isn't it possible to do a find-replace search in a code editor to find all instances of "wp-admin" in the core and replace them with a variable which is defined elsewhere and can be updated? Why does this *have to be hard? Am I missing something?

Elisabetta Carrara (Emc2)

@ALS, yes you are missing something. Plugins and themes maintained by hundreds of devs target those paths. So it's not enough to change core. You will have to change all repos of plugins and themes all over the world.
This is why for now CP is waiting. For now we still rely on the fact we can use WP themes and plugins safely.
That is why CP's roadmap includes a plugin directory (directory, not a repo) so early on in v2. We need to grow an ecosystem before changing this. We need to attract devs and make this revolution smoothly.
We are going there step by step, and your enthusiasm is the same we share. It's so good to see people understand the direction CP could evolve towards and are so eager to help!

Viktor Szépe

AFAIK no framework, CMS uses a prefix.


This should not happen for a very, very long time. It's beyond just branding, but keep in mind the thousands of web hosts, firewalls, scripts, and everything else in the internet that is configured to use wp- ... to succeed, ClassicPress needs to first demonstrate code stability, as well as compatibility with WordPress as much as possible. Changing the prefixes (etc) could only happen after CP has achieved a significant market share, which is very far into the future, if ever...