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Choose login url instead wp-admin

September 9, 2018 · 09:47 · Joaquim

Will be great to be able to choose the login name instead of just the plain wp-admin. of course some plugin does, but why not implemented?

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Fabian Wolf

Actually wp-login.php handles the login, NOT wp-admin. Calling wp-admin/ for login in is just a side effect. Also, you may change that directory name any time (via a constant); I certainly know quite a few folks who do that and more to have a very fine-grain control and better automatization for setting up and maintaining a vast amount of singular WP installs.


Thanks, I do that with all sites I make for few reasons, just that could be nice to make it just there. Please let me point at an easy plug in that does in the perfect way, arguable of course :)


Agree with Fabian... there's no need for a plugin to do this, it's just a matter of setting a single constant.

Mike Schinkel

Yes. Please.

Clif Graves

It seems that the default should be something like cp-admin. Easily built in choice of login would be great. But the cp vs wp seems a useful branding change.