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Bring Comments into the Posts menu

September 7, 2018 · 14:58 · Pieter Bos

Comments belong to Posts, just like Categories and Tags do. There already is a plugin for that, could be a good idea to integrate it.

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Would this be just for regular posts, or would it also apply to CPTs that accept comments? Could this cope with comments submitted via the REST API?

Pieter Bos

Regular Posts, rest is open for discussion I think.

James Nylen

Pages and other CPTs can also have comments, so it doesn't really make sense to put them under Posts.

Pieter Bos

Categories and Tags can also be used by other CPTs, so maybe it is possible to show them under the post types that use them?

Dora D.

@Pieter Bos Categories or Tags or other taxonomies are already shown under those post types if they are used. See also docs for register_post_type() at 'taxonomies'.

And about where comments are currently used, see also

Pieter Bos

@Dora D. -

> Categories or Tags or other taxonomies are already shown under those post types if they are used

Exactly, that's what I meant: do the same for Comments

Jeff Starr

Updated comment: this idea is fine! (sorry I misunderstood before)

Pieter Bos

The plugin in question ( hasn't been updated for a long time and has only a few lines of code. If it would be built in as an option, then I don't see how that would ruin ClassicPress.

James Nylen

Ok, you got my vote. On every site I've ever seen, the admin menu becomes a big mess, so I think anything we can do to make it easier to navigate would be a win.

Ray Gulick

From an end user perspective, I think it makes perfect sense to put comments under the related CPT, along with related categories and tags (which, as @Dora D pointed out, are already there). Another blog-centric holdover we need to do away with, IMO.

David Shanske

I am more concerned with WordPress as a platform for interactivity, but I do not object to this, provided that we still have a way to show there are comments awaiting moderation, perhaps in the dashbar.

Pieter Bos

Moving the Comments under the Posts does not remove any other functionality, it merely makes a submenu of a topmenu.

James Walker

My sites use Comments in Pages and in Custom Post Types. So at least for me, "Comments belong to Posts, just like Categories and Tags do" doesn't apply. I have no problem with a separate Comments menu item, and would prefer it that way.


The reason why Comments has remained its own Top menu is because it requires moderating the "stream" of incoming comments. So if you move Comments to be a Sub menu of the Posts, what happens when Pages have comments? What happens when custom Post Types have comments? Now your moderation team has to navigate around to 2, 3, 4, or more different places to review the incoming stream of comments, and if they are not tech savvy, they might end up being fired by their boss for not doing their job properly...

Remember also that comments are used in various ways, like review websites that have 50+ different Post Types, can you imagine the nightmare here?

This is somewhat related to the Once And Only Once principle:

Should all these various Comments links show up automatically? Should they only show up if comments were enabled on that Post Type? There are too many variables and potential code and usability conflicts here, so I think this would need a lot of discussion, and probably shouldn't be a priority feature...


Please do NOT move comments to a subMenu! I use comments on Pages. I never allow them on poasts. Many sites are like this. Comments on their own top menu makes it easier to see and manage. Look, everyone is different, in opinions and their websites. So if anything is to be changes, it’s a way to make classicpress more customizable, not less. If someone wants to move the menu around, then perhaps there could be a way to do that. But please don't force hiding the comments in a submenu for all users