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Add a real page builder

September 10, 2018 · 15:19 · David Edgar

Incorporate something like the Tailor plugin which was just about perfect for page building. Would leap ClassicPress into the future in one step.

Fabian Wolf

Which would be the same desaster as with Gutenberg :)

Pieter Bos

Definite plugin territory!
Keep in mind that some people simply don't use page builders.
Also we're trying to go back to "Clean, Lean and Mean"; adding a page builder is definitely not that.


Most definitely plugin, not core.

Tim Kaye

Definitely plugin territory.


Absolutely plugin territory. Too many different ideas on what the best page builder is. None of them do exactly the same thing others do.

Lean, API driven platform encouraging customization via plugins is the way to go.

James Walker

Absolutely plugin.