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Remove dashboard color schemes

September 10, 2018 · 23:38 · Pieter Bos

Since a recent poll shows that 70% of users do not use any of the additional color schemes for the dashboard, it would be a good cleanup to remove the lot and simply keep the default color scheme.

source: poll on recent WP Tavern article:

+44 more
Request: Modify feature

I think dashboard color schemes is "plugin territory"! +1

Chris Chiotis

Definitely color schemes must be removed. A branding plugin, which changes logos and colors OR a darkmode plugin like the one mentioned are better solutions and must remain as plugins.


Yes, yes, yes! The color scheme picker is like the Hello Dolly of the profile page.


Hmm, I don't like the default black color scheme, and use the light-grey. If you go this route, maybe have a choice between a light or dark scheme.

Tim Kaye

I write my own CSS for the admin pages, so I definitely agree with this idea.

Ray Gulick

Rather than color schemes, there might be some value in providing accessibility options. While that might seem like it should be a new petition, these new options are essentially 'color schemes' with high contrast and other visual features that could be enabled with a single selection like color schemes are enabled now.

William Patton

30% is still a significant number. There are other features which have much less use in my experience that are still kept. For example around 30% of the sites I manage have CPTs. Less than 10% have custom taxonomies.


Agreed... an easy win that would clean up junk assets, ditch it :)

Juhan Lichfeld

I like the Ray's idea about providing instead of just different color scheme - a c c e s s i b i l i t y - options.
By the way, I myself use different color scheme on my two back-up (test) sites (I do not manage any business-site). It is convenient by a glance to know the special backend.


no, KEEP the color choices, but make sure to add a true 'dark mode' (night mode) for the admin panel. eyes are important, let's save our eyesight! use Dark mode!!!!

James Nylen

Dark mode needs a separate petition (and for that matter so does the idea to add accessibility-related color schemes).

This petition is specifically for removing the color schemes, and dark mode in particular is very different because a good dark mode needs to support plugin screens as well, which is difficult to do 100% correctly.

David Decker

I am against removing the color schemes - it does not harm anyone or anything to keep them in. At least for LTS branch v1.x they should stay.

And if they ever get removed please keep the API in - so that plugins & custom code would work further on.

  • Simple way of customizing
  • It is great to just change schemes for various sites (for example certain group of clients, certain environment etc.)
  • the schemes have an accessibility aspect to it, so any removing of such user-facing stuff needs to be very carefully considered

Only because some developers/coders may never use such a feature does not mean it is a useless feature for all. A lot of users want them and/or need them

And 30% is still a lot - if this data is correct after all.