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Menus method rethink

September 11, 2018 · 02:13 · Darryl

While I understand the thinking behind the 2-steps of firstly making a page, then secondly adding it to a menu, I have found my clients didn't expect 2 steps and using the 'Menus' area for them is very confusing.

How about a feature that upon making a new page, or editing an existing page, there is a menu palette in the right-hand-side of the classicpress admin interface, allowing choice of menu, with ability to assign the order of the current page in the menu.

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Difficulty: Hard
Request: Modify feature
Dustin Snider

Hmm, this might not be a bad base for something good. I’ve also experienced the “Why is my new page not showing up in the menu? And then going through the process of showing them how to add pages to menus. Might not be a bad idea to include something like a basic menu selector in the publishing screen.

Tim Kaye

This is a neat idea. I have always found the current menu options area rather awkward and unintuitive to use.

Pieter Bos

Great idea!