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Better WYSIWYG editors

September 18, 2018 · 18:14 · Yannick

Gutenberg project is cool... but designed for final users.

Developpers need more fexibility according to projects requirments.

we should be able to choose editor we want for each project !

My proposal is to add and maintain the 3 best WYSIWYG editors to the ClassicPress core !

Let's vote for that :)


(it is a quick list, there is still a lot ! add yours...)

Difficulty: Hard
Request: Modify feature

I vote no.


okey, why ? any details ? i m interested


If you add 3 different WYSIWYG editors to the core, then every single user has 2 needless editors on their site. This is bloat.

Pieter Bos

A definite no from me too. We are aiming to bring back the "Clean, Lean and Mean". Adding 3 different editors is the opposite of that, IMO.


yes, following your comments, we can remove tinymce too and create a config panel to choose which editor to install.

Tim Kaye

I vote no too for the reasons given by @John and @Pieter Bos. It's also worth pointing out that neither Redactor nor Froala is free, so they shouldn't be on the list anyway.

This is plugin territory.

Fabian Wolf

I vote no, too. Its plugin territory, and there are already a few plugins doing exactly that. Theoretically (and practically, too) you may even go as far and replace the whole editor with custom textareas based on ACF and not have a care for the rest.

Daniele Scasciafratte

Also think about compatibility and work to implement that and support inside a big project like wordpress.
Usually is better to have a list of pros/cons about why we need to switch and support other editors.

James Nylen

I'd like to have native Markdown support, personally. And get rid of wpautop.

However, TinyMCE and WordPress are very, very deeply tied together, with a shared history going back many years. This would be far more difficult than you might expect.

Pieter Bos

+1 for Markdown

Tim Kaye

If we're voting for integration with other languages, then I'd like to see LyX or LaTeX support. (But that's probably just me!)

Peter Molnar

+1 for getting rid of wpautop, that thing is horrible.
+1 for no, no additional wysiwyg.

However, please bring the full-blown TinyMCE back, like

Code Potent

TinyMCE Advanced 4.8 (pre-Gutenberg) has been forked for use with ClassicPress 1.x.x and up to PHP 7.3. It's mostly the same code, – it's not pretty under the hood, but, should suffice for those who need a solution sooner than later.


I've started a separate petition for bundling the Advanced Editor plugin here: