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Show Latest Plugins on Plugin Install Screen in ClassicPress backend

October 9, 2018 · 18:01 · Wade Striebel

The current Plugin Install screen shows different tabs.

This idea, that was originally mentioned by @Rui on Slack, is to remove all tabs and change the current Popular tab with Latest Additions.

Instead of showing the same plugins with millions of downloads, this feature request is to show a more dynamic tab.

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Request: Modify feature
Rui Guerreiro

The goal is to offer the users the new plugins that are being made and also give some exposure to plugin developers that submit a new plugin.

At the moment there is nothing in WordPress that could show us the latest plugins that were created.

It isn't just the established plugins with thousands of the downloads that are good it's up to the users to try the plugins and see if they are useful for them.

Dustin Snider

I don’t feel comfortable voting or discussing on something for v2 inclusion when a decision hasn’t been made on what it’s going to look like in v1.

Wade Striebel

We have the petitions site to vote and discuss V2. What we are removing for V1 has no real impact on what we vote for V2 as things will change.

Wade Striebel

Also, I agree with James in regards to some new plugins not being great (putting it nicely). A way around this, that would also be a perk, maybe we can promote new plugins from those who have contributed

James Nylen

Or have a "ClassicPress Recommended Plugins" section, that could even be a paid placement (very clearly indicated). I guess that would be a separate petition though.

Code Potent

Love this idea. The current setup feels like a neverchanging billboard.

Rui Guerreiro

Just to clear this suggestion is to V2 or later when we have our own plugins directory because we will need some info about the latest plugins that currently I don't think that exists in the API. And that section is always rotating because of the new plugins, so I guess a new plugin will be there for a couple days I guess.

Also agree in having a sponsored section and others if necessay

I think Themeforest does this pretty well.

James Nylen

It's certainly possible to get the latest plugins one way or another, but I'm not sure it's a good idea. Copy/pasting from part of

> There are over 60,000 plugins in the repository, and growing every day. Most new plugins are early alpha versions, intended for very specific use cases, not fully working, or some combination of the above. I feel strongly that it's better to curate the list, whether by community usage, reviews, plugin authors recommending their own plugins and competing for spots, or some combination of the above.


There are a few plugins that change the Install Plugins page. One I use is useful on both multisite and single site.

The name of the plugin is 'Cleaner Plugin Installer'.

It has features I personally don't use or like, but there are features, including 'Newest' and 'Topics' that I do find useful.

My argument with the WordPress Repository is that searches aren't that great, at all. As has been mentioned, WP Repository seems more an advertisement for all things built by developers that belong to a clique. It's been that way for a very long time.

I will address 'Recommended Plugins' in another petition.

Back to topic;

If CP doesn't include the 'Latest' plugins, the plugin above will add it, if we are talking about using the WP Repository. Otherwise, the ideas from the mentioned plugin might be of use.

Glenn Dixon

Featured-Popular-Recommended-Favorites - aren't those all almost completely the same? I'd like to see more options for sorting. Active installs, last updated, compatibility.