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Add a proper front end image upload mechanism

October 10, 2018 · 07:37 · Edward Brodie

Include a mechanism where a front end user can add an image inline to their page/post/comment/topic/reply and it is uploaded to the media library upon submission.
I've not seen any plugin for WP that does this properly.

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Pieter Bos

Just to better understand what you're after with this request, do you have examples of plugins that do this "not properly"?

Edward Brodie

'Inline Image Upload for BBPress' adds a button to the TinyMCE bar that can embed an image inline in the post but only in visual editing mode and it doesn't post the image to the WP media library.

GD BBpress attachments claims to provide the ability embed images inline in your post but actually only displays the images in a line below the post, it does however load the images into the media library.

I'm sure wiser minds than mine could think of all sorts of ways to implement this
My thoughts had been for simplest implementation have a selection/upload mechanism like GD BBpress attachments but beside each selected image have a button that generates and embeds a shortcode into the post that would call the image upon page viewing.

Pieter Bos

Thanks for the clarification