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Replace dashicons with material icons

October 10, 2018 · 22:27 · Tim Kaye

This would make a wider variety of icons available to be used on the admin pages.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Modify feature
Pieter Bos

I think it is a good idea to look elsewhere for icons, but as per my earlier comment on GH, I think that outright replacing the dashicons can have not so great consequences as there are many plugins and themes depending on them.

Therefore, yes I am for replacing them, but we can only proceed with caution.

Dustin Snider

I would be for extending or creating a new set to go with. Originally I was all for replacing them but the possibility of breaking things make this something I don’t want to have to worry about.

So if we change this from replace to add/expand i’m a yes vote.

Code Potent

My thought is that few plugin devs will add logic to their work to support breaking changes until CP proves itself as a viable platform. In the meantime, it's important to ensure that non-Gutenberg plugins work as seamlessly on CP as they do on WP. To that end, I'd vote no on replacement, and yes on extending or adding a new set.

James Nylen

Agreed on not replacing Dashicons.

Even if we do add/extend our own icon set, and use it consistently throughout the ClassicPress admin dashboard, plugins will still be using dashicons.

The combination will probably look janky unless we are careful to use a similar style to dashicons.

Alan Coggins

I agree on keeping Dashicons. I don't see it as a problem that needs fixing. And it has the potential to break things.

Aryan Raj

We should keep the dashicons as it. It is not important and recommended to leave as it is.


Why not use CSS instead of actual images? Can be inserted using the <i> tag (<i class="facebook"></i>).

There's an open API available at