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Add constants to support SSL connections for mysqli

October 11, 2018 · 16:22 · Simon Pollard

As per this requested and pretty much ignored ticket Allow SSL connection to mysqli - absolute madness this is not in core.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Add feature
Pieter Bos

As this plugin is referenced in the issue, we might be able to use it as an example?

James Nylen

I wouldn't say this ticket was ignored: it has multiple patches, and helpful commentary from lead developers on characteristics of a good implementation.

We can look at that plugin as an example, but a better example is probably the existing patches on the ticket.

Also, I think the only reason this would need to wait until ClassicPress v2 to be implemented is lack of development time. It's not a user-facing change, and it's an optional security improvement for the likely highly technical users who would go looking for it (people who are purposefully hosting their database on a separate server from their sites).

So if we can get an implementation with the ability to instantiate other, differently-configured wpdb objects after the initial call, and with good automated tests, then I think we should accept it for v1.

Simon Pollard

Yeah I am just thinking as the web modularises (is that a word?) the separation of database and site files will be a common thing. So a secure connection between the two should be standard if not even expected. If this features in any release it would be great :)

James Nylen

If I were implementing a separation between web and database servers as a web host, I'd probably use a secure VPN to enable communication with the database. This way the traffic is encrypted by the VPN.

If I'm setting up a small- to medium-sized site, I'll just put the database on the same server as the site files.

So I think this serves a pretty specific type of user: someone who is setting up a complex install on their own servers. This type of user is also more likely to need a separate $wpdb connection with different settings, as mentioned in the WP core.trac ticket.

If that generally makes sense, this is a pretty niche improvement that should be optional, but still a good thing to support, IMO.