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Improve admin revision UI / handling

October 20, 2018 · 03:57 · Fabian Wolf

Always been a big PITA: The user interface for the revision system. Just a few hours ago I had another run-in with it, essentially wasting the revision I actually wanted to restore. Tried it a few times .. thanks to not being clear WHICH part we are currently trying to restore.

I'd like to see a few PROPER, well-done highlights and pointers to fix that issue.

Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Modify feature
Pieter Bos

Excellent suggestion, I'm also always in doubt and that is the reason I always set revisions to false in the wp-config file. If we can improve this, then it becomes much more functional, I'm sure!

Fabian Wolf

Its one of the most confusion DIFF UIs I've ever had to use - even old MediaWiki is doing it beter than that!

Glenn Dixon

Funny you should mention MediaWiki - WikiTree shows changes to people's records like this: - I've never had problems figuring out what changed or getting confused about rollbacks