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Consider a breakaway from WP

October 27, 2018 · 19:14 · Andre

I wonder if creating a whole new cms using WP as a basis is the best way to go. Update the php core, phase out anything related to WP, but the big one is the editor. The best editor I have used in a cms is the JCE Editor (an extension for Joomla) which eats WP for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (with snacks in between). Perhaps make a deal with JCE. This editor also provides an amazing media management system that also kicks the butt of WP. As for widgets, give serious consideration to being able to hide widget titles, publish widgets to select pages, a field to add a class...these are things that should have been part of widgets without third party plugins.

Difficulty: Hard
Request: Add feature
Request: Modify feature
Request: Remove feature

I should mention that on the item about Joomla, Joomla started as a fork from the Mambo cms and eventually created their own core and removed all that was mambo. It took time but it was eventually done. ClassicPress has this opportunity to break away from anything being WP related, just like Joomla did.

Pieter Bos

@Andre, perhaps an idea to make a separate petition for the part about widgets, otherwise it is not possible to vote on it separately.