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Theme/Plugin Editors: disable by default

October 30, 2018 · 09:44 · Pieter Bos

Following this discussion that asks for complete removal, it seems that most people would actually not want to see them removed at all, but instead they would like to see the editors disabled by default.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Modify feature
Daniele Scasciafratte

As I written in the other discussion better leave them and add a constant to disable them instead that a filter as example.

Pieter Bos

@Daniele not sure I understand your comment, but this petition says to leave the editors in, but to disable them by default. As per the title basically...

Daniele Scasciafratte

My was a follow up from other discussion, if we want to keep compatibility in wordpress we need to have the same system and people disable the stuff that are already available. So better not disable by default but leave to the people to disable it.

Pieter Bos

Maybe you ought to open a petition of your own then, because this one clearly says what it is for, so no need to say the opposite IMO

George L.

Can't we just add a checkbox on admin? We can then keep this enabled for migrations (to reain compatibility) and disable for new installations. Either way people can easily disable if they like.


Just have the wp-config.php with a defined DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT setting to disable them. No-one who can't change that should be allowed near the functionality...

Code Potent

Nice idea to default this functionality to disabled. I don't support the mentioned idea of having an admin checkbox, though – that wouldn't do much of anything. There's already a constant in place to disable the editors; it would be simpler (and safer) to use the constant.

Alvaro Gois dos Santos

I wonder if it would be useful to have a way to include the deactivation of this and other features during migration, as a previous step? We could then inform the user of the option about to be made, and give him/her the opportunity to decide. That is, if the “decisions, no options” bs is not kept in ClassicPress.

Simon Prosser

I'm also in favour of disabling by default via the constant in wp-config-sample.php

Damian Baker

I agree disabling by default with an option in Settings --> Advanced tab or something. Once enabled, I would like to see a lot more editor and coding tools so a developer can edit Themes and Plugin files. Once an edit is made, a flag should be set so that this appears in WordPress Themes or Plugins Update warning that a theme or plugin file has been modified.

Damian Baker

I also like Ian's suggestion in wp-config.php

James Nylen

This petition would be a good candidate for the "core plugins" approach we're adopting for ClassicPress v2. The idea is that we'd move all the code for the theme and plugin editors out into a plugin that is shipped with v2 and enabled by default, but the plugin can be removed or deleted as users wish.

More details about this approach:

Whether we are able to modify this specific feature for v2 will be a question of available time. If this is something you'd like to see done, be sure to leave your vote on this petition. If you're available to help with this, get in touch with us on the forums, Slack or GitHub.