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Update admin bar to show "Logged in as username"

October 30, 2018 · 21:25 · Code Potent

Where the howdy text used to be, it now just shows the username. This messes with the symmetry of the area given the big tabs underneath (Screen Options / Help). I'd like to see that string a bit longer, such as "Logged in as username", with the username in bold.

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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
Pieter Bos

"Logged in as [username]" is an excellent idea!

James Nylen

One of the reasons we removed Howdy is to free up space in the admin bar. If we're going to add something back in here, it should be Hello, not anything longer.

We could also add "Logged in as username" under the pop-down menu that appears when you hover over this element. Granted, that doesn't really address the concern about symmetry, but the Screen Options mess is another topic altogether.

Code Potent

To me, hello is for answering phones. :) It's not a huge deal, though; if I recall, this text is filterable. To your suggestion about the pop-down: I like that, but would still prefer that the username is rendered in bold text. For example, when you have a username of classicpress, the pop-down menu looks... weird...with the different capitalization than the other items; emphasis would help it look intentional.

James Nylen

> if I recall, this text is filterable

If not, or if this isn't so easy to filter, we can make it easier.

> I like that, but would still prefer that the username is rendered in bold text

You mean in the top menu also? Sounds fine to me.