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Change the name of the Uncategorized category

October 30, 2018 · 21:50 · Code Potent

Changing this category to "General" would look more professional in those times when you forget to categorize something.

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Difficulty: Moderate
Request: Modify feature
Pieter Bos

Big fat vote UP, my Lean WP plugin does already that :)

James Nylen

+1, and the way the "default category" is handled is kind of insane in general. I don't think this is possibly what anyone would want. If something is Uncategorized, that should mean it has no categories assigned.

Jason Todrick

THIS.... "Uncategorized" comes across as seriously unprofessional

Code Potent

Note that the word "uncategorized" is also used elsewhere in reference to categorization, so that would need to be investigated, as well. For example, on the Permalink Settings page...

Tim Kaye

This is a great idea!

Tim Kaye

And well done to Piet for thinking of it for his plugin!


I like the idea, but it'll break things - it's not a minor change we can push into v1:

1) 'uncategorized' is a built-in category slug - people assume it will be there and code accordingly
2) it will break backwards-compatibility - existing sites will have 'uncategorized' and we'll be looking for 'general' - not going to work.

We can code around all of that, but v2 is probably a better time for that.

James Nylen

See also:

To be more clear with my comment above, I am suggesting that we expand the scope of this petition to remove the "Uncategorized" category entirely, and implement that change in v2 with careful testing of the effects.

Simply renaming the category will cause breakage with no benefit.

Greg Schoppe

we could add a set of filters or config options to accomplish either/both of these tasks now, for sites that are willing to deal with breakage of specific themes or plugins that reference uncategorized by name for some reason. That way, the default functionality would remain as expected, but the improved functionality is available to greenfield projects.

James Nylen

The default functionality needs to be ripped out or re-imagined. Thousands of developer hours have been wasted trying to work around the current insanity.


Wow, James, I sure wish you would stop beating around the bush and really tell us what you think. ;)

James Nylen

Kill it with fire. ;)

Some notes on a proposed implementation here (basically, add this string as an argument to register_post_type):


Great idea. Just depends on time needed and difficult level and allocation of resources.

James Nylen

>So, suggestions that are separate from the original petition should go in a separate petition

Trying to follow my own advice here - I definitely made some comments above that would expand the scope of this petition.

I still think the Uncategorized "feature" is just badly broken, which is the underlying cause of the problem described here, so it would be best to remove or re-do it. Still, just renaming this to "General" for new installations would definitely be an easier way to go.

Those of you who voted on this petition, what do you think?

Also worth noting: you can rename this category yourself today using the standard category edit interface at /wp-admin/term.php?taxonomy=category&tag_ID=1&post_type=post.